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Asghar, Muhammad Rizwan
(2013) Privacy Preserving Enforcement of Sensitive Policies in Outsourced and Distributed Environments.
Doctoral thesis, University of Trento.

Awazid, Tahleen Rahman
(2016) Curious Volunteers: Anonymity Impact of adding Tor nodes.
Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Backes, Michael and Bendun, Fabian and Unruh, Dominique
(2012) Computational Soundness of Symbolic Zero-knowledge Proofs: Weaker Assumptions and Mechanized Verification.
In: Eight Workshop on Formal and Computational Cryptography (FCC 2012).
Conference: None | Not Set

Backes, Michael and Druschel, Peter and Haeberlen, Andreas and Unruh, Dominique
(2009) CSAR: A practical and provable technique to make randomized systems accountable.
In: NDSS 2009.
Conference: NDSS - Network and Distributed System Security Symposium

Backes, Michael and Grochulla, Martin and Hriţcu, Cătălin and Maffei, Matteo
(2009) Achieving Security Despite Compromise Using Zero-knowledge.
In: Proceedings of 22nd IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium (CSF).
Conference: CSF - IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium (was CSFW)

Backes, Michael and Kate, Aniket and Manoharan, Praveen and Meiser, Sebastian and Mohammadi, Esfandiar
(2013) AnoA: A Framework for Analyzing Anonymous Communication Protocols.
In: 6th Workshop on Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies (HotPETs).
Conference: None | Not Set

Backes, Michael and Pfitzmann, Birgit and Schunter, Matthias
(2003) A Toolkit for Managing Enterprise Privacy Policies.
In: Proceedings of 8th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS).

Berg, Matthias
(2013) Formal Verification of Cryptographic Security Proofs.
Doctoral thesis, Saarland University.

Bornträger, Holger
(2011) Automatic Verification of Equivalences of Cryptographic Games.
Masters thesis, Saarland University.

Busenius, Alex
(2011) Mechanized Formalization of a Transformation from an Extensible Spi Calculus to Java.
Masters thesis, Saarland University.


Ciobotaru, Oana
(2012) Rational Cryptography.
Doctoral thesis, Saarland University.

Ciolacu, Ines Lucia
(2011) Universally Composable Relativistic Commitments.
Masters thesis, Saarland University.

Cortier, Véronique and Eigner, Fabienne and Kremer, Steve and Maffei, Matteo and Wiedling, Cyrille
(2015) Type-Based Verification of Electronic Voting Protocols.


Grimm, Niklas
(2013) Lime: A Framework for Data Lineage in the Malicious Environment.
Bachelors thesis, Saarland University.


Hansen, Marit and Marnau, Ninja and Schlehahn, Eva and Husmann, Elmar
(2011) Auf dem Weg zur sicheren und datenschutzkonformen Cloud.
kes Magazine, 2011 (Specia). pp. 14-16.

Hriţcu, Cătălin
(2011) Union Intersection, and Refinement Types and Reasoning About Type Disjointness for Security Protocol Analysis.
Doctoral thesis, Saarland University.


Künnemann, Robert
(2011) Game-Theoretic Notions of Incoercibility.
Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Meiser, Sebastian
(2011) Computational Soundness of Passively Secure Encryption in Presence of Active Adversaries.
Masters thesis, Saarland University.

Meyer, Sebastian
(2012) Privacy Presserving Surveillance and Face Recognition.
Bachelors thesis, Saarland University.


Petrlic, Ronald
(2014) Privacy-Preserving Multiparty Digital Rights Management.
Doctoral thesis, University of Paderborn.


Reinert, Manuel
(2012) A Framework for Security-Oriented Distributed Programming.
Masters thesis, Saarland University.

Reischuk, Raphael M.
(2014) Declarative Design and Enforcement for Secure Cloud Applications.
Doctoral thesis, Saarland University.

Ruffing, Tim
(2012) Computational Soundness of Interactive Primitives.
Bachelors thesis, Saarland University.

Ruffing, Tim and Moreno-Sanchez, Pedro and Kate, Aniket
(2014) CoinShuffle: Practical Decentralized Coin Mixing for Bitcoin.
In: 7th Workshop on Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies (HotPETs).
Conference: None | Not Set


Schneider, Jonas
(2015) Partially Oblivious Pseudorandom Functions: A Generic Approach and an Impossibility Result.
Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Schranz, Oliver
(2013) A Developer-Centric Approach to Dynamic Permission System.
Bachelors thesis, Saarland University.

Schröder, Dominique and Unruh, Dominique
(2011) Round Optimal Blind Signatures.

Schröder, Florian
(2013) Generic Access Control for Extensible Web Applications within the SAFE Activation.
Masters thesis, Saarland University.

Skoruppa, Malte
(2012) Verifiable Security of Prefix-free Merkle-Damgård.
Masters thesis, Saarland University.


Tiwari, Abishek
(2015) Applying Privacy Case Law to The Right to be Forgotten.
Masters thesis, Saarland University.


Unruh, Dominique
(2011) Composition in Quantum Cryptography.

Unruh, Dominique
(2012) Everlasting Quantum Security.

Unruh, Dominique
(2012) Programmable encryption and key-dependent messages.


Waxweiler, Daniel
(2016) Making Chromium´s Certificate Transparency integration more accessible.
Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Wedeking, Lukas
(2016) Anonymity Guarantees for Tor Hidden Services.
Bachelors thesis, Saarland University.

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