tHyENA: Making HyENA Even Smaller

Chakraborti, Avik and Datta, Nilanjan and Jha, Ashwin and Mancillas-Lopez, Cuauhtemoc and Nandi, Mridul
(2021) tHyENA: Making HyENA Even Smaller.
In: 22nd International Conference on Cryptology in India.
Conference: INDOCRYPT International Conference on Cryptology in India


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This paper proposes a lightweight short-tweak tweakable blockcipher (tBC) based authenticated encryption (AE) scheme tHyENA, a tweakable variant of the high profile NIST LWC competition submission HyENA. tHyENA is structurally similar to HyENA, however, proper usage of short-tweaks for the purpose of domain separation, makes the design much simpler compact. We know that HyENA already achieves a very small hardware footprint, and tHyENA further optimizes it. To realize our claim, we provide NIST API compliant hardware implementation details and benchmark for tHyENA against HyENA and several other well-known sequential feedback-based designs. The implementation results depict that when instantiated with the tBC TweGIFT, tHyENA achieves an extremely low hardware footprint - consuming only around 680 LUTs and 260 slices while maintaining the full rate and the almost birthday bound security. To the best of our knowledge, this figure is significantly better than all the known implementation results of other lightweight ciphers with sequential structures.


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