On a vertex-capturing game

Bensmail, Julien and Mc Inerney, Fionn
(2022) On a vertex-capturing game.
Theoretical Computer Science, 923. pp. 27-46. ISSN 0304-3975

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In this paper, we study the recently introduced scoring game played on graphs called the Edge-Balanced Index Game. This game is played on a graph by two players, Alice and Bob, who take turns colouring an uncoloured edge of the graph. Alice plays first and colours edges red, while Bob colours edges blue. The game ends once all the edges have been coloured. A player captures a vertex if more than half of its incident edges are coloured by that player, and the player that captures the most vertices wins. Using classical arguments from the field, we first prove general properties of this game. Namely, we prove that there is no graph in which Bob can win (if Alice plays optimally), while Alice can never capture more than 2 more vertices than Bob (if Bob plays optimally). Through dedicated arguments, we then investigate more specific properties of the game, and focus on its outcome when played in particular graph classes. Specifically, we determine the outcome of the game in paths, cycles, complete bipartite graphs, and Cartesian grids, and give partial results for trees and complete graphs.


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